Lasse van Waegeningh and Sietse Voorhorst founded Voorhorst Van Waegeningh Advocaten in 2021. Before that they both runned their practices at other law firms.

Our niche law firm focuses exclusively on assisting clients in the areas of Real Estate, Corporate Law and Insolvency. Why? Because we know what we are very good at, but we also know what we are not good at. We offer our clients the service they expect and are entitled to expect from us. Depending on the interests and wishes of our clients, we stand for, beside or behind them.

In the areas mentioned, we act in an advisory, litigation, negotiating and mediating capacity. Because we have years of experience in representing the interests of ‘every side of the table’, we also have a keen eye for the interests and positions of our clients’ counterparties. Without losing sight of the interests of our own clients, this means that we can look for solutions to disputes and non-conflictual issues to the benefit of all parties involved.

Our working method is characterized by concrete, pragmatic and solution-oriented action, in which we like to go the extra mile for our clients. Our goal and our added value is to unburden our clients and guide them through the legal landscape. It goes without saying that we provide open and honest advice and do not hesitate to adjust our clients’ course. In our view, no client benefits from an attorney-at-law telling them what is nicest to hear. This has led to us maintaining strong and long-lasting relationships of trust with the vast majority of our clients. It goes without saying that we are available to our clients day and night.

It happens that our clients need expertise that we are not able to provide. This may involve legal expertise in other fields of law, or support from a civil-law notary, tax consultant, accountant or broker. In consultation with our client, we can in such cases fall back on our extensive, professional network and call in the experts included therein. They will then look after the interests to be served under our supervision, leaving our client with a single line of communication, namely with our handling attorney-at-law.

What we are good at