Sietse Voorhorst

Sietse Voorhorst is an attorney-at-law specialized in corporate law and insolvency. He focuses in particular on the establishment of corporate structures and the reorganization of companies.

After studying law, Sietse started working as a tax consultant at a large accounting firm, in the financial services department. Here he advised banks, insurance companies, pension funds and investment companies.

After some years he followed a training course for mediator. Thereby he guided parties in corporate law disputes. Also deal mediation (mediation without a dispute) was an important part of his practice. Sietse was a board member of the Netherlands Mediators Association and of the Corporate Mediation Association (now Platform Business Mediation).

As an attorney-at-law Sietse characterizes himself as numerically minded and analytical. With a b├Ęta background he approaches issues in his own unique way. No Jack of all trades, but specialized in a limited number of legal areas. “Make sure you do what you are good at and become good at what you do”.

With his experience as a tax expert, mediator and attorney-at-law, Sietse has a unique combination of knowledge and skills. Sietse’s focus is on corporate law and insolvency law. For example, (re)structuring, directors’ liability, dissolution, turboliquidation, own bankruptcy, creditor’s bankruptcy, creditors’ agreement, securities, or collection of complex claims.

Sietse is married and has two young children. In his spare time he enjoys cooking and sports (cycling and running).